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Prometheus Chained On a Blorock

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I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro!  Got gazillions of initials after my name, managed to make  soufflés rise and even found my kid’s kindergarten’s runaway bunny that time we bunny sat him over the Valentine’s weekend.  But this is way HARDER!  I feel dumb, antideluvian and crippled, sometimes completely overwhelmed by this social media project.  Anybody else out there ever identify with me on this?

I love to write.  That’s not the problem.  I love to communicate with friends. The problem is I was just born too many decades too soon to believe I’ll EVER feel at home tweeting and posting and linking.  It’s humiliating.  I remember back in the day when I bought my first answering machine and my dad (probably my age as I am now) was so flummoxed whenever he’d call and instead of a live person got that “newfangled piece of…”, that he’d just shudder into the phone, take a huge end-of -the-world sigh and thrash the receiver into the cradle.

And here I am, shuddering and whining and ready to toss my mouse.  I feel like Prometheus Bound, chained upon a rock, doomed to perpetual angst in an unending time warp.  Not that I’ve brought anything like fire to mankind, but chained to the rock resonates for me today, trying to figure out how to swim into the 21st century of social networking.  I’ve made a vow to join the world and learn this stuff.  But my computer is scaring me, like Pandora unleashing a box of undecipherable cyber evils .


Hmmm, I may feel chained to my rock but I just realized…Wow! it’s a great relief to be able to vent in a blog rant.  Maybe I’ll even hear back from some empathic readers.  That would be encouraging to learn I’m not alone here. Now, will I ever be able to figure out how to send this out into cyberspace!?