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Nancy J Chodorow, Ph.D.

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Harriet Wrye’s psychoanalytic writings have addressed the terrors and pleasures of the body, the long-range impact of the earliest maternal surround on fantasy, fears, and desires, and basic questions of psychic aliveness and deadness.  She has noticed the risks and challenges of living a full life — of, as she once put it, “composing a life with ambition and desire.”  In this personal narrative, ambition, desire, self-knowledge, and the vulnerabilities of mortality meet, as Wrye describes adventures and experiences throughout the world from quiet meditation to daring mountain ascents, along with the legacies of family traumas and repeated, life-threatening challenges to her health.  Here, the psychoanalyst meets the autobiographer, as life, death, and primary relations are at stake.


Nancy J Chodorow, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst and Author: The Reproduction of Mothering; Individualizing Gender and Sexuality

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