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Michael J. Diamond

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An extraordinary adventure and spiritual odyssey that is both a captivating read and mind-expanding experience. Wrye writes in the tradition of Peter Matthiessen, Jon Krakauer, Phil Cousineau and Paul Theroux, though with a candid, deeply introspective slant indicative of her remarkable pilgrimage. Combining psychoanalytic acumen with Buddhist wisdom, the author escorts her readers on a journey through both the depths and ecstatic heights of human experience – just as a door seems to close in one of many dark nights of the soul, a window of compassionate and profound insight is pried open. In a book difficult to put down, Wrye has bestowed an exhilarating and enduring narrative of searching, discovery, and redemption.

Michael J. Diamond, Author, My Father Before Me and Becoming A Father; Co-Editor, The Second Century of Psychoanalysis.

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