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A Beautiful Gift of Friendship

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“Pulling Up Stakes: Stepping Into Freedom”–an ink and watercolor drawing by Linda Johnson Roesch

Words cannot begin to describe the surprise, amazement, delight and gratitude that I felt when I opened a large mysterious package recently.  I was agog.  I have loved our adventures and I have loved writing about them, even to the extent that writing is part of my meditation practice.  Editing and publishing my first personal book was challenging, scary and exciting.  My readership is considerably smaller than  Cheryl Strayed’s who is living the writer’s dream, whose book “Wild”, about redemption hiking the Pacific Crest Trail be selected by Oprah for her book club.

My gratification as a writer is more private, though very deep.  And I have thoroughly relished invitations to speak with readers at book clubs.  Those readers really have great questions leading to wonderful discussions, and opportunities to relive experiences and explore life lessons learned.  More than enough conditions for happiness…..

However, this surprise package thrilled me to the core.  The beautiful watercolor and ink painting arrived unbidden, created by my high school classmate, artist Linda Johnson Roesch. San Marino High School Class of


Linda lives in Vermont and we have only seen each other a couple of times since high school, but she got wind of my book, Pulling Up Stakes: Stepping Into Freedom, and bless her, was so inspired reading the book, that she took up brush and watercolors and created this mosaic, listing every single place mentioned in the story–and most of the characters including each of my children, and she signed it with an ink drawing of a llama with wings, an homage to the cover art.  Without saying a word, she packed it up, shipped it west, and gave me the deepest thrill a friendship over decades and across the continent could possibly bring to an author.

Cheryl Strayed, were you any happier when Oprah called you?  I am sure  you were in bliss, but this inspired act of generosity surely nourished my bliss as well.

Together, we Step Into Freedom practicing random acts of kindness.  Thank you SO much, Linda, Dear Friend!

Shantum Seth

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Harriet Wrye offers the story of her pilgrimage, her inner/outer journey in an authentic and fluid style that will speak to so many who are concerned with the transformation of their lives and relationships.  As a trained psychotherapist, she has been keenly able to turn the lamp upon herself to help her own healing, even when reflecting on and easing the suffering of others.


Shantum Seth, Dharmacharya and Guide: In the Footsteps of the Buddha ~

Nancy J Chodorow, Ph.D.

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Harriet Wrye’s psychoanalytic writings have addressed the terrors and pleasures of the body, the long-range impact of the earliest maternal surround on fantasy, fears, and desires, and basic questions of psychic aliveness and deadness.  She has noticed the risks and challenges of living a full life — of, as she once put it, “composing a life with ambition and desire.”  In this personal narrative, ambition, desire, self-knowledge, and the vulnerabilities of mortality meet, as Wrye describes adventures and experiences throughout the world from quiet meditation to daring mountain ascents, along with the legacies of family traumas and repeated, life-threatening challenges to her health.  Here, the psychoanalyst meets the autobiographer, as life, death, and primary relations are at stake.


Nancy J Chodorow, Ph.D., Psychoanalyst and Author: The Reproduction of Mothering; Individualizing Gender and Sexuality

Maureen Murdock

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Pulling Up Stakes: Stepping Into Freedom explores the outer terrain of Wrye’s travels with her husband in Africa, West Papua, Asia, South America, and the Sierra High Country and delves into the inner terrain of her psyche, their marriage, and her spiritual yearnings. Any reader who has a long-held dream to become a citizen of the world will be inspired by Wrye’s determination and courage to make her own dreams come true. A fascinating read.

Maureen Murdock, Author of The Heroine’s Journey, and Spinning Inward

Sam Shem, M.D.

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Headhunters, near-death by scuba, bicycle, llama-induced plunges toward cliff-edges, long dark falls into Bhutanese toilets—from Los Angeles to Jerusalem, Patagonia to Bali to Borneo to Kilimanjaro—and all of it psychoanalyzed as she goes, a thrilling story of adventure, tenacity and spirit.. Woven through this great read, are the relational challenges, feisty and healing dialogues, and the loving support of her husband and travel buddy, Jim Wheeler.

Sam Shem, M.D. Author of The House Of God and The Spirit Of The Place;
Co-author, We Have To Talk: Healing Dialogues Between Men And Women

Peggy Rowe and Larry Ward

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Grab a cup of tea and prepare to be pulled into a journey that combines cliff hanging excitement as well as the experience of calm water. Our dear friend and dharma sister, Harriet is a kind, generous and wise woman with an unfailing characteristic of being a risk taker and adventurer.

What makes Harriet unique is that she is both an explorer of the deserts, mountains and rivers as well as the inner terrain of intimate relationships, the psyche and soul. She is equally comfortable in a hut in the Sahara, an international Jungian panel at a psychological conference or seated serenely in a Buddhist zendo.
Harriet Kimble Wrye is a soul sister of amazement. She invites us into her explorations into all of these worlds, even into her own marriage and family, sharing struggles, triumphs, vivid detail and wise teachings. She invites us to inhabit each day as the miracle that it is. Her ability to be curious, amazed, alive and compassionate is an inspiration. She doesn’t hold herself back. Her trust in a friendly universe and her vow to live each moment whole heartedly reminds us to treasure our every breath and foot step on this marvel that we call earth.

Peggy Rowe and Larry Ward, Authors of Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships