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Sam Shem, M.D.

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Headhunters, near-death by scuba, bicycle, llama-induced plunges toward cliff-edges, long dark falls into Bhutanese toilets—from Los Angeles to Jerusalem, Patagonia to Bali to Borneo to Kilimanjaro—and all of it psychoanalyzed as she goes, a thrilling story of adventure, tenacity and spirit.. Woven through this great read, are the relational challenges, feisty and healing dialogues, and the loving support of her husband and travel buddy, Jim Wheeler.

Sam Shem, M.D. Author of The House Of God and The Spirit Of The Place;
Co-author, We Have To Talk: Healing Dialogues Between Men And Women

Peggy Rowe and Larry Ward

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Grab a cup of tea and prepare to be pulled into a journey that combines cliff hanging excitement as well as the experience of calm water. Our dear friend and dharma sister, Harriet is a kind, generous and wise woman with an unfailing characteristic of being a risk taker and adventurer.

What makes Harriet unique is that she is both an explorer of the deserts, mountains and rivers as well as the inner terrain of intimate relationships, the psyche and soul. She is equally comfortable in a hut in the Sahara, an international Jungian panel at a psychological conference or seated serenely in a Buddhist zendo.
Harriet Kimble Wrye is a soul sister of amazement. She invites us into her explorations into all of these worlds, even into her own marriage and family, sharing struggles, triumphs, vivid detail and wise teachings. She invites us to inhabit each day as the miracle that it is. Her ability to be curious, amazed, alive and compassionate is an inspiration. She doesn’t hold herself back. Her trust in a friendly universe and her vow to live each moment whole heartedly reminds us to treasure our every breath and foot step on this marvel that we call earth.

Peggy Rowe and Larry Ward, Authors of Love’s Garden: A Guide to Mindful Relationships

Hedda Bolgar, Ph.D., ABPP, FIPA

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If I could have ONLY ONE BOOK, I WOULD WANT THIS ONE! Written in rich and beautiful language, it takes us on a journey visiting a dazzling variety of places, people and cultures, often not easy to get to or be with. It also takes us through an internal journey from trauma to letting go. There are many stories in this wonderful book.

There is the story about the body being a messenger of the unconscious, a source of challenge and triumph. There is the story about connection and solitude, about dependency and independence, about competence and resourcefulness. There is a story about personal relationships told with courage and generous openness. There is a story about animals love, loss, and sadness. There are many stories about mountains and oceans and dangers and triumphs. There is a story about being a psychoanalyst and becoming a Buddhist. There is a story about illness and overcoming the fear of death. There is the story about the end of the journey and stepping into freedom.

HEDDA BOLGAR, Ph.D., ABPP, FIPA | Training and Supervising Psychoanalyst at LAISPS, Founder of Wright Institute Los Angeles, and still actively teaching, analyzing and travelling at 102!

Michael J. Diamond

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An extraordinary adventure and spiritual odyssey that is both a captivating read and mind-expanding experience. Wrye writes in the tradition of Peter Matthiessen, Jon Krakauer, Phil Cousineau and Paul Theroux, though with a candid, deeply introspective slant indicative of her remarkable pilgrimage. Combining psychoanalytic acumen with Buddhist wisdom, the author escorts her readers on a journey through both the depths and ecstatic heights of human experience – just as a door seems to close in one of many dark nights of the soul, a window of compassionate and profound insight is pried open. In a book difficult to put down, Wrye has bestowed an exhilarating and enduring narrative of searching, discovery, and redemption.

Michael J. Diamond, Author, My Father Before Me and Becoming A Father; Co-Editor, The Second Century of Psychoanalysis.

Maxine Hong Kingston

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Reading Pulling Up Stakes, I was heartily inspired! Savvy psychologist and ordained Buddhist mindfulness practitioner, Harriet Wrye turns her psychoanalytic lens on herself, her relationships and sculpting a life with purpose and passion. Packing into the wilderness with llamas, leaving her home in the hands of nightmarish house-sitters while travelling through five continents from the depths of the Red Sea, to vanishing tribes in the Amazon rainforest, through New Guinea and Borneo to the high Himalayan plateau while, by the way, navigating breast cancer and a few other challenges. Harriet Kimble Wrye tells true stories of her own extreme sports path to enlightenment. She confronts basic human suffering, ill health and the loss of dear ones, each obstacle an opportunity for personal growth. Her every journey is a spiritual pilgrimage, a fascinating Bildungsroman, a story about “Coming of a Certain Age.

Maxine Hong Kingston, Poet and Author: The Woman Warrior; Tripmaster Monkey; I Love a Broad Margin to My Life

Thich Nhat Hanh

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Full of compassion and wise vision, psychologist Harriet Wrye’s compelling adventures and spiritual pilgrimage in PULLING UP STAKES offer a map of how cultivating mindfulness can help us all to truly “Step Into Freedom” no matter who we are or what obstacles we face.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Zen Master, Poet, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and author of Peace is Every Step and The Miracle of Mindfulness